A definition of blessed

I’m sure many define blessed in many different ways. for me, it’s always been knowing that I am fortunate during the situation that in, how good or bad it may be. and I’ve always known, at least in my head, that I am blessed, but many days that does not get to my heart. But I got to tell ya, today I know I’m blessed.

See I’m blessed because I have a God that allows me to serve Him, that’s pretty stinkin awesome if ya ask me.

I’m blessed because I have a beautiful wife and daughter (and soon to be son!) that love me even when I don’t deserve it. I love them very much!

I’m blessed because this weekend I get to celebrate with my folks my dad’s and my combined birthday. 25 years we have been havin birthdays together.

I’m blessed because I have the best friends in the world, many who Ive not seen for a while, but I cherish deeply.

I’m blessed because I get to worship with an amazing group of people on Sundays, and get to prepare for that service with a great bunch of talented peeps on Thursday’s. I love seeing how God is growing our group.

I’m blessed because I got to eat lunch with man that I highly respect, both as a man and minister. Getting to sit and hear from him is a privilege.

I’m blessed because I am saved by the blood of Christ and His grace has covered me. If in my life all the crap hit the fan, I would still be blessed because of this.

Thats my definition…how do you define blessed?


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