CIY MIX – day 2

Group dynamics amaze me sometimes. Sometimes you have groups that are pretty close in common with each other, come from good families, mom and dad are active in their lives, no serious issues in their lives. And then you have groups that are not that close in common.

We all have a father. We have to. Now we may not know our father, or he may have abandoned us early on, but we have one. (if you still disagree with me, ask your mommy to tell you about how babies are made). Now just because we all have biological fathers, does not mean that they are with us always. It does not mean that they are present, active or participating in our lives. Some of them have just left. For whatever reason, they are gone. And so we are left with kids with a mom that have no male influence in their lives. We are not going to get into the big effects of fatherlessness tonight,  that is coming soon. But for now, we need to understand that it is a real thing.

Here is another thing we all have, though some of us claim we don’t, but we are just lying. We all worry about stuff. We worry about things, or people, or the future, or the past. We worry that we won’t pass school, or we worry our family will not be safe. We worry about paying the bills or where to go to college. No matter what it is, it’s always there. It’s always present.

But there’s a cool thing that takes care of both of these issues….


Christ stepped onto the scene as this teaching Rabbi that…well, He didn’t say the same things that those other rabbis did. They taught the law, and they taught it hard. They taught it strict. But Jesus, He seemed to say things differently. He turned things upside down.

And He taught about something that was pretty different, but could have been fairly attractive to the hearers (this may not have been a very common thought about His teaching, some of the hardest things Jesus said comes in Matthew 5-7). He begins talking about God, not in a authoritative, commanding way, but in a loving way, well like a father. A Heavenly Father.

**I have to insert a side-note in here – Don’t misunderstand me here. Don’t blow me off thinking that I am going to keep going on and on about God as being a father, totally negating His power and authority. Don’t think that I have gone soft concerning God’s position. I fully believe that God is all powerful, all knowing, just and right. I know that He will judge the living and the dead. Don’t misinterpret me.**

Jesus keeps talking in Matthew chapter 6 now. He starts talking about not worrying in life. He talks about the nature around them and how God takes care of their needs, so then why should we worry about these things? Why should we always try to take matters into our own hands? If God provides for nature to survive, why in the world would He not provide for His people (you may want to check out Matthew 6:25-34)? God our Father is looking out for us. He is there for us, ready to help us through the tough times. He just wants us to rely on Him.


Today was going to be a test. Today was going to be the time when we begin to get a feel for how things were going to go the rest of the week. I had settled myself down from the previous day’s…anxiety…and began trusting (ha, didn’t realize that God was teaching me trust until I just now wrote this) Him during this week. We begin to get a feel for how the days are going to go: wake up, breakfast, leader meeting, morning session, group time, lunch, rec, free time, dinner, main session, group time, and bed.

The morning session was much like last nights session:  high energy, exciting, attention keeping. It continued on with the talk show theme from the previous night, but only this was them talking over how the night before went in preparation for the coming nights program.

I am going to leave the organized rec for another post, so be sure to check it out. The rest of the day did go very smoothly. No real problems (except for organized rec – CHECK IT OUT!).

As I thought over the day that night, I was pleased with how the week was going. Yeah it’s crazy to some people to spend all day for four days with middle school kids, but I’m now getting to the point where I’m kinda liking it…

…call me crazy!



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