CIY MIX – …beach party blitz… :s

**As promised. This post is all about our organized rec time on day 2 of CIY MIX. Be sure to comment, cuz I know you will have what you believe to be hilarious comments….**

I have to start with this. I really do realize that I am not as in shape now as I was when I was in school. But I also know that I am going to keep blaming my, nonathletic, ability to do much physically to the higher elevation that we were at. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.

So there was this obstacle course. The theme for it was beach party blitz. You start off having to go through not one, but two inflatable obstacle blowups right off the bat. You then make your way over two teeter totters. Waiting next for you is a pool of three foot deep watery oatmeal, in which you are to cannonball into. Next lies 20-ish yards of 4×4 timbers that you are to balance beam walk across, while getting sprayed with a water hose. Then waits a 30-ish yard length in which you are supposed to crab walk down, oh right, while getting water soaker balls thrown at you. Finally you are to weave through some poles and cross the finish line. Easy enough, right?

As we were all standing waiting for this to get started, they asked for two adult volunteers to race through it first so they could explain it to the kids. Now understand. This is not a small event. There are 500ish kids here. There are over 60 adults, most of whom are in much better shape than I. And yet one of our children, who’s name shall remain anonymous (don’t worry Faith, I won’t tell), decided to raise my hand for me without me quite understanding what was happening. So there I am, wondering how this was going to end. Now you got an honest walk through of how it was. Here is an explanation of how I experienced it, as I was going through it.  This is my story…

I walk to the start line, giving my racing opponent the death stare through my shades. He is tall, at least 6’6”, and very athletic looking. I’m thinking I can easily take him (insert sarcasm). The whistle blows, and the race is on. I start off strong, until after my third step when I have to enter the 1st inflatable. I make my way through the obstacles, diving and crawling like non other. Exiting it I am only a few steps behind my opponent. I make a diving entrance into the 2nd inflatable. this one has a wonderful (sarcasm) hill to climb and then slide down. I choose to gimp my way over it and then tumble down, head over heals, falling to the ground on the outside. This is when I also realize that my shades have fallen off. As I choose to go back for them I realize that they are busted, probably from being caught between the inflatable floor and my face. No big deal. Next I make my way over to two teeter totters, totally out of breath already, and apparently not able to balance well at all (also know that I am so far behind at this point there is really no one watching me). I gracefully step through the oatmeal pool (didn’t even realize that I’m supposed to cannonball into it!) and onto the balance beams. Making my way across came the most enjoyable part of the whole experience, being shot right in the chest by a very cool water hose. I contemplated staying there and cooling, but I was determined to…well finish I guess. Next came the crab walk. I believe the last time I did this was when I was 10 years old, so it was very easy for me (insert sarcasm again). As I was making my way down the 3 mile length of field given to do this ridiculous task, I determined that I was tired of getting nailed in the genitals by what felt like lead balls, I decided to bear crawl the rest of the way. After finishing my multi-mile  treck, there really was no ‘weaving’ left in me. Stumbling across the finish line, I was glad they were not timing me, because I would certainly be embarrassed.

Now for the record, I at least from time to time feel old. And we were at lest 1,500 feet higher in elevation. So that’s my excuse. I now have more of a reason to get back in shape.

Nonetheless, it was worth it. There were some that did not do it. I did. It was worth it to see my kids get excited and laugh, even if it was for my misfortune. That’s good enough for me.


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