Blog-idy…Blog, Blog, Blog

It seems like whenever I talk to someone about ministry and what not, I always get the question… What are you reading?  …Things get really awkward…kinda quiet, and then my quiet, girlish, pathetic answer seems to creep out …nothing… And then I go on by ‘explaining’ that I don’t have time for such silliness.  I did my reading in college (…about that…)! I know it all (lie)! I have stuff to do (facebook)!  The truth is, I would love to really get this reading thing down.  I have a nice pile of books on the corner of my desk that I would love to read. Great authors have poured hours of time into these, and I buy them to not read them. I have some kind of reading a.d.d.. I get going, and it’s even a great book, and then…sigh…I stop.

So.  In an attempt to help myself feel better about this issue that I seem to have, I have found that blogs seem to both be short enough to keep my attention, and have solid information/encouragement/etc.  So here are some of the blogs that I read, from guys that got some good stuff.  Enjoy.

Perry Noble: Pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. Writings on life, church leadership, trends, etc.

Doug Fields: Involved in too many things to mention (known for Youth Ministry). Writes on ministry, marriage and life.

Jonathan McKee: Youth Ministry Speaker. Talks on all aspects of the Youth Minister’s/Ministries life. (also has many resources available)

Youth Ministry Media: Site that provides info on how to implement techie stuff (I need this) into Youth Ministry. (Don’t hold it against them for being Canadian)

Stuff You Can Use: Provides resources, trainings, games and much more for Youth Ministry (and yes, they have an angry bird game!)

There’s what I have, what are you reading these days?


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