Processing the Night

I find that I have to wind down from nights like tonight. Youth Group nights, Small Group nights, whatever they may be, i feel like I have to wind down from them in order to go to bed and actually sleep. My mind races from one thing to the next…what happened tonight….who said what….what happened that was good…what happened that was bad…who must I contact before Sunday just to check in…I could go on, but I will spare you.

Tonight we talked about the power of words, both in a negative and positive way. What kind of damage/progress do words have? What are the effects of words? How does what we say affect our witness?

I tell ya what, I love my kids. Every week I get to hang out with a great group of Jr and Sr High School students who are full of energy and love. Yeah sure, some are rough around the edges, some have problems with respect and authority, some don’t even want to be there really. But they all bring something to the table. They all have something they add to the group. And they all need to see that I love them and Christ loves them more.

God’s been moving in me over the past few months. Conviction sucks sometimes…possibly most of the time. The separation of what you know what is right in your head, but yet your heart is still stuck in what is normal and comfortable. But it’s through this that we grow, become closer in our love relationship with Christ. And so I continue on.

The conviction is this: my life does not look like it should. Now there is a lot in that, but my point is very specific. As I was reading about John the Baptist, there was just one thing about him that stuck out about him (ok, there was probably more than that, I mean lets face it, locusts…really?) But as John and his disciples were talking about this new character in town that seemed to be gathering a crowd rather quickly, he said something so profound, so contrary to society, so different than what we should think. He said: ‘He must increase, I must decrease’ (John 3:30).

As I sit here and process tonight, as I sit and process anything, any conversation I have or meeting I sit in or lesson I teach, this is the question I need to ask, this is the life that I want to live. See I think that in this crazy, mixed up system of God’s world, things are not always what we think they should be. He doesn’t ask us to be or do what society says we should. He doesn’t ask us to look out for ‘#1’. He simply asks us to live a life pointing people to someone else.

Am I doing this? I’m not just talking about when I’m supposed to or expected to, those ones are easy. Am I doing this when the old lady cuts me off in traffic and then slows down? Am I doing this when the checker at the store is less than efficient with her checking-out methods? Am I doing this when kids push my patience…two minutes after they walk in the room?

John’s view was simple, live a life to make Christ famous. All of life, point everyone to someone else. The concept is simple. The practical application isn’t.


2 responses to “Processing the Night

  1. Thanks Mike. I think it was one of Mark Moore’s encounter messages at MOVE last year that really started stirring this up in me. How’s Wed nights going with you all over there?

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