Something Bigger – #1

I want to start off by saying I love kids. I truly do love this thing that I get to call a job. It’s not just the times during the weeks like this one, but anytime.

Let me tell you about the purpose behind writing these blogs. It’s not because I’m an avid blogger…it’s been literally months since I have written a blog, and it’s not because I have a huge following, because I’m going to be lucky if even a handful of people read this. I write this for a couple reasons. 1)For parents. There are a few parents that may read this everyday as a way to hear about what is going on, if that is you, I am glad that I can help you better understand and prepare for what your high schooler is going through this week. 2)For supporters. For the less than five readers of my blogs, let this be an encouragement and challenge. Just as we are getting challenged here, I want to give you a taste of that where you are. 3)For myself. Yes, me. Sometimes it is good to write things down in order to process what is happening. 5) For students. Some of you may be my Jr or Sr Higher’s from NCC. If that is you, Let this help you to grow closer in your relationship with God. If you are in High School and are with us this week, let this be a reminder to you about what we have been talking about. If you are at home, I hope this peeks your interest for this event next year. and 5)For soil. Not in a literal sense, but in a figurative sense. I pray that this very very very small aspect of ministry that I do plants seeds in its readers for now and/or later. We do not know what God will do, but we can have a small part in just sharing with others.With all that shared, let’s begin.

One trip I hold dear in my heart is CIY MOVE. This event has been going on for over 40 years all over the US as well as other countries oversees. Each year, CIY has the potential to reach up to 40,000 High School students with the message of God’s love for them, and they do it well. It was my Junior year of high school that I went to CIY and accepted Christ as Lord of my life. It was only a few weeks after that I was baptized into Him. I love CIY.

It’s not the beautiful Colorado mountain scenery of Durango, Colorado that makes it what it is, for CIY does not need mountains or buildings. CIY is good at creating an environment that is fully focused on God. No distractions.

Sunday night we talked about what we listen to. It’s interesting to hear the story of Samuel when he was a boy, God calling him, and instead of answering God, he runs to Eli to see what he wanted (in case you are not familiar, Samuel did not know it was God calling him, Samuel thought it was Eli calling).  Eli then told Samuel when God is calling, say “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.”

I wonder what would happen if we would do that? What does God want to say to you? How does He want to grow you? How can you know if you are not listening? It’s not just reading your Bible, although reading the Bible is and can be one of the biggest ways God speaks. But what about through others? Who do you listen to? What are you reading? Talking with other Christians, reading books, are just two of the many ways God can speak to you. Are you listening?

One great thing about this week is that it is away. We are away from friends, tv, video games, sports, girl/boyfriends, work, etc. that are the very things that get in the way. We all in a sense have ADD. It’s the things that distract us from listening to God. It’s the things that we put before God. We have ADD.

I am excited for this week. I will continue to post what is going on up here, and we already have some funny stories for when we get home.

What are you listening to? What are your distractions? Listen for God speaking.


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